Reading and writing Chinese with Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7 and TabletPC
  1. System Requirements/Text Services and Input Languages
  2. Inputting Chinese
  3. Windows XP IME Mode Changes
  4. Email Character Encoding
  5. Chinese Characters Lookup
  6. For Windows Vista
  7. TabletPC with Windows XP
  8. Warnings for Windows 7
  9. Common Chinese Fonts
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Problem Displaying Chinese Characters
1. If Chinese characters do not display properly in your internet explorer, First try adjust the Encoding to match what is used by the sender..

2. You may need to update the Internet Explorer version. Try Online Windows Update.

3. You may need to install Files for East Asian Languages under Regional and Language Options in Control Panel.   

4. A more complete description on reading/writing Chinese with Windows XP can be found in this document.  If none of these information helps, consult with someone who is familiar with Internationalization or Microsoft Supplemental Language Support.

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System Requirements/Text Services and Input Languages:

(1) Install files for East Asian languages

(2) Install Chinese (Taiwan) Microsoft New Phonetic IME 2002a

(3) Set desired keyboard mapping in
 Chinese (Taiwan) - Keyboard - Microsoft New Phonetic IME 2002a  "Properties..."

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Inputting Chinese

(1) 打字 (type with a phonetic system)

(2) 寫字 (Write with your mouse on IME pad)

(3) 口語 (voice commands via a microphone)

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Windows XP IME Mode Changes

(1) IME (Input Method Environment) is application specific.
see video instruction.

  switches between EN and CH modes.

(wait 2 seconds) switches between Ascii and 注音 mode.

Ascii mode不接受中文輸入, 方便中英文混用.

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Email Character Encoding  

(1) What is Encoding? why
亂碼 ?

(2) 亂碼分析

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Chinese Characters Lookup   

(1) 公司或別人的電腦,不能加裝中文設定,沒有辦法打中文字
(2) 不懂注音拼音,不會打字,  中文檢字表 copy/paste

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For Windows Vista

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TabletPC with Windows XP

with a Tablet PC, you can write in English, Chinese and other supported languages with provided IME pad on the screen directly as shown in this demo video (no audio).

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Warnings for Windows 7 users
The Chinese Hand Writing Recognition feature, a special Language Pack option added to the Tablet PC component, is not available to low-end Windows 7.  Microsoft requires Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise to install. 請找電腦專家從後門加裝. see video at left.
  Common Chinese Fonts Click to download 標準楷書 Click to download 仿宋體 Click to download 魏碑 Click to download 顏體 Click to download 大隸書 Click to download 小隸書 Click to download 古印體 Click to download 楷書附帶注音符號 Click to download 楷書附帶拼音

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